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Lula Stevenson
Another delicious dessert stop. Reminds me of a lot of the cafes I would go to in London and Paris. They have tea and coffee too, perfect for a date or catch up with a friend. Pretty good service.
7/6/2020 6:48:10 PM Report

I was so lucky that my friend told me about your Coffee Shop! The place was very cleaned and their staff was very professional and accomodating. I really love coming back here again and again. The pricing of your service was also too negotiable! You are totally awesome! Extremely recommended to everyone!
4/16/2020 8:56:44 PM Report

It was a very good and remarkable service repair. It was a week ago when I called this company for an air and heating repairs. The technician sent by this company was such an expert. He went up above and beyond helping me. I can't thank you enough for helping me out. Highly recommended service!
4/14/2020 10:08:03 PM Report

This shopping center is a go-to spot for shoppers, especially to those people who want to buy some gifts for their loved ones. This place really has everything, and I'm thankful because the salespeople around here were very helpful and polite. A truly wonderful place to bring your family or friends for some fun stuff! Strongly recommended!
4/14/2020 9:43:39 PM Report