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Lowell Manning
My partner and I had dinner here last night. Aside from having the best wine in the city, this wine shop also caters diners where you can spend your special occasions intimately with their picturesque ambiance. They also had mouthwatering and tasty menus. This wine shop is the best in the city! They had a wide selection of wines and beers, too!
7/1/2020 1:47:18 PM Report

You deserve to be at the top list, guys! Last Thursday, I thanked you for assigning Tom to diagnose and resolve my range that was not igniting. I didn't expect that he could finish the assigned task immediately. This technician was very cordial and meticulous while fixing my broken appliance. Truly an impressive performance! I will definitely recommend your company to all of my friends and colleagues.
6/30/2020 4:44:01 PM Report