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Lena Kerr
I visited this playroom yesterday with my daughter as my friends recommend this place to me. As I went there, I observed that everything was so clean and organized. It's really the best place for my daughter. Everything that she sees inside the playroom was all safe. I really loved this place. Lots of fun! Highly recommended to my friends and neighbors. Thank you!
6/29/2020 12:06:01 PM Report

Just today around 9 am, I had a technician from this company for air conditioning and heating repair. I was glad that he could easily identify the problem, therefore, the issues were solved within an hour. As I observed him, his work was well-ordered, thus the process was just smooth. I really liked the quality for it was 100% satisfying and the pricing was economical. Best service!
5/20/2020 10:47:17 AM Report