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Lani Mckinney
My family and I greatly love to eat in this restaurant because it has a good view and good food. It's our second time to visit here, and I like the fact that the staff always serve as better and well. We ate a lot because the food was very delicious and the prices were very affordable. It was truly nice to be here at your restaurant. We will be back!
9/7/2020 12:14:49 PM Report

I greatly love the taste of the coffee that was served for me. It tastes better and good. Also, the food was tasty, and the staff was very friendly. The ambiance was very cozy and comfortable. It was truly nice to meet you in my morning. I would recommend it and will visit again. Thank you so much. See you soon!
9/7/2020 12:11:13 PM Report

Their serviceman arrived on time and promptly fixed my refrigerator that was over freezing. He is incredibly helpful, professional, and he did an outstanding job. It was the kind of work ethic that I expected from them. His work was fast and smooth and fully explained everything. Also, their repair charge seemed very reasonable. I'm so happy and satisfied with the service. Thank you!
8/24/2020 2:11:47 PM Report