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My husband and I have issues with setting boundaries with his parents. During a marriage counseling session, I expressed that I didn’t want his mom in my bedroom. I explained that it made me uncomfortable when my mother in law entered my bedroom without knocking, and another time she helped herself to a nap in my bed. This is a huge violation of my privacy. I am entitled to boundaries with my in-laws. Dr. Bayne told me I am “unreasonable” for not wanting my in-laws in my bedroom. She told me when she visits her own son/his wife they let her sleep in their bed, and that, “That’s what everybody should do.” She told me I have to basically just give in & appease my in-laws to make my husband happy. Ridiculous. During another session she gave us equally terrible advice regarding my in-laws. This time I called her out on it. She smirked & told me that, “she’s the best in her field.” She made things WORSE for my husband & I. We never set any goals & had no real direction with her. She inserted her personal opinions frequently, which should not happen in counseling. Very unprofessional.
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