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Kaira Johns
I find the collection and quality of flowers from 48LongStems a notch above others. Some of their bouquets are just out of this world and the color feels a lot more natural and expressive than the local florists in my area. Love them.
1/24/2018 5:52:56 AM Report

My daughter finds it a lot more easier to learn and understand new things at Aaron School and I cannot be more proud of the progress she has made with this change of school. The school really does benefit children with learning disabilities.
1/9/2018 6:11:50 AM Report

Wonderful Clogs, Awesome Service These lovely pair of clogs are a great value for money and, indeed, great. The leather finish is very smooth, glossy and shiny and is a sight. Highly recommendable.
8/28/2017 8:37:16 AM Report