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Josita Steward
I am still awaiting my Refund if $552.50 guaranteed by Ms. Paula Cameron...
12/19/2019 10:37:02 PM Report

I applied for a loan and have tons of emails congratulating my approval. I had to pay $530.00 for collateral but then after it was received by Paula Cameron I was told they needed another $530.00. I informed her I didn't have it and could not borrow it and to close the loan and refund my money promptly. It's been 29 days since I sent it Western Union as per her instructions. It took 2 minutes for her to receive and I'm in dire need if my money. I'm 63 yrs old..disabled and being treated horribly by this trained "Professional". What can I do? Josita Steward. Please reply!
11/29/2019 8:16:01 PM Report
We're you able to receive your mo ney back Josita Steward? Because im going through the same thing with the same person.
12/5/2019 7:11:29 AM - Report