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Jorge Harrington
It was this company that provided me a terrific service to my refrigerator that was making a noise. The technician was prompt and worked adeptly to get everything done in just the first visit. The service was done on time and at a high standard. He did impressive work on the unit. The way he carried his work, was all accurate and systematic. Thank you for helping me!
1/19/2021 4:19:13 PM Report

I was greeted "good morning" with a full of confidence with the staff of this hotel. They entertained me rightfully and amazingly when I stay there for a couple of days. The entire place looked tidy, stylish, and modern. Even the facilities, it was beautiful and elegant. Besides, with my excellent stay there, I came to realize that I should be back soon. Thanks!
1/12/2021 2:04:46 PM Report

Very nice hotel, staff are very polite and helpful would definitely recommend for any type of stay!
12/4/2020 7:07:36 PM Report