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Jonathan Raymon
On November 10th, Chris came to repair dishwasher (breaking a glass in the process), in the process he claimed a pump was to blame and supposedly replaced (subsequent repair indicates that it was either not replaced or at least not replaced with a new part). We asked for him to return to repair which he kept failing to do. On December 1st he wrote offering to provide a refund. Despite numerous conversations and promises on his part to issue a refund throughout the month of December, he never issued the refund. When asking to finally get this resolved on January 5th, he has since stopped responding in any way. NOTE: This was the website and number where I called for the repair. The response from my service request was from 502-963-2769. I should have Googled that, because Chris Smith d/b/a Skyfire Appliance Repair would have come up and the comments about hime for the past few years all echo the same trouble I had with him. Just to make sure that Cardinal Appliance repair is the same thing (since Chris had definitely NOT driven up in the Cardinal van shown in the website photo), I called again from another number and once again, Chris Smith responded! DO NOT TRUST this company!
1/7/2021 10:53:48 PM Report