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Johnny P. Carney
I know Nancy personally and I can guarantee she is very committed to helping out her clients and meeting their needs the best possible way. She tries her best to make the process very smooth and works to get her clients the best options available. I definitely recommend her real estate services
6/24/2022 6:11:30 AM Report

Marie is 100% reliable. I was so lucky to work with her. I was looking for a home to buy for my family and she and she were very dedicated in showing me so many options until we found the perfect one! The process was very smooth thanks to her. We are so happy with the home. Would definitely recommend it!
6/24/2022 5:42:36 AM Report

Don helped me find the perfect home. I recommend him 100%, he is very reliable and understood exactly what we were looking for and worked hard to find the best matches for us. Don is the best!
6/24/2022 4:54:57 AM Report

Sameer is an excellent Realtor! He explained everything clearly! He helped me to find my place and always answered all my questions so quickly, he worked with me in everything I needed! I recommend him!
6/23/2022 4:40:41 PM Report

She is always available to answer any questions no matter the time of day or time zone and during negotiations steps she is very diligent. Communication is key and we are very pleased to have worked with Juliny . Thank you Juliny !
6/23/2022 4:30:32 PM Report

Lawrence Coleman /Coldwell Banker Realty was wonderful! Lawrence was excellent to work with. Highly Recommend Lawrence @ Lawrence Coleman /Coldwell Banker Realty
6/23/2022 4:09:01 PM Report

I was searching for a reliable Roofing contractor through the internet and I found ALJ Roofing, they responded promptly to all my inquiries. I am very impressed with their professionalism, highly recommended
6/23/2022 3:19:44 PM Report

Amazing service, he was very professional and polite. I will definitely recommend his service to anyone who needs a pressure washing.
6/23/2022 2:54:57 PM Report