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Joey Roberts
It was a superb job. The technician displayed exceptional ability in fixing up my refrigerator hinge problem. Everything was set up properly as he started doing the repair. We're happy that he was able to fix all the problems within an hour and was able to replace the damaged one the same day. It was an awesome repair. I have no doubt where I will be calling the next time.
2/10/2021 1:49:47 PM Report

I am extremely happy with my experience. They fit me in last minute and were very helpful to make the scheduling work. The space was exceptionally clean and sanitary. I would highly recommend to anyone wanting a piercing.
2/5/2021 7:50:04 PM Report

Consistently clean and a great place for an affordable weekly weekly cleaning. Inside and out. I love this place!
2/5/2021 7:48:56 PM Report

Love this location! Great flavors. Staff always friendly. It's super clean, the employees are really nice and the yogurt is delicious.
2/5/2021 7:46:38 PM Report