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Jody Duncan
My family loved to stay at this hotel because we could relax here. They all have complete room facilities and the room is so relaxing. The staff spoke decent English and was very polite and explained the facilities available such as free daily entry to the onsen next door as well as priority access plus low-cost rooms. Thanks for the excellent service!
10/14/2020 3:53:13 PM Report

Ella and Isabella were very professional, Ella was great in any nail art and she was such a lovely girl. Isabella was fantastic with all her treatments. I could also talk to them freely and they were very responsive. You impressed me much! I must strongly recommend your services to everyone! Cheers for your success!
10/14/2020 3:29:15 PM Report

The company sent its technician directly to our house to address the problem with my refrigerator hinge problem. The technician was very precise and very detailed in giving pieces of advice on how to take good care of my appliance. I like him because he was so professional and fast in doing the given task. Thank you for helping me! Cheers for more clients!
9/21/2020 4:15:15 PM Report