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Executed a contract with Nol-Deck (Felix Medina Nolberto) on February 11, 2019 to refinish my pool deck. The contract clearly specified the work to be finished by February 20. As of July 1, the work is not finished, my pool deck is not useable and there it is construction debris and dust in the entire area including my pool. I filed an insurance claim for all the damages. His insurance carrier inspected the damages and awarded and paid my full claim amount. With no progress on the job I was forced to utilize court action for recovery. Nol-Decks agreed in mediation to complete the job by August 8 and fix the sections that had delaminated from the underlying concrete slab. Over 40% of the deck area was delaminated.. As of August 12, the work is still unfinished and my entire pool area is now covered in a gray very rough cement and sand coating. In addition he plugged the perimeter drains with cement. He is not a skilled craftsman and he manages the work poorly with "zero" quality control and respect for my property. I would strongly recommend that you do not consider this contractor. Jim Cullen
8/12/2019 10:01:12 PM Report