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Jared C
I have seen Robert several times. I most recently have had to reschedule my appointments due to work conflicts. My wife also has seen him. My wife received a phone call that her appointment needed to be rescheduled because Robert had a family emergency--I also had an appointment that day. I assume my appointment was also canceled. I guess you should never assume anything. I am now being charged $145 because I was a "no show" for my appointment that I thought was canceled. I have been contacting his office for well over a month and finally heard back from him personally. He was very rude to me on the phone and basically said tough luck. He was not willing to work with me about the charge. Also, found out that he had been scheduling me for 1 hour appointment because he said my insurance would pay better for an hour rather than 45 minutes. That was false. The difference for 15 minutes was well over $20. I suggest finding someone else.
3/9/2015 9:54:46 PM Report