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don't support this black own business selling lemon cars telling lies & trying to get away with it. H & J Auto Sales 23 e Thomas st Rocky Mount, nc September 15, 2023 I purchased a 2005 bmw convertible 7 days later 9,22,23 return trouble starting tim the owner said I can get someone else for the same or lesser price ot allow them to get it repair by someone who deals with bmw because he isn't a mechanic or have any on staff. So after looking for a hour I didn't see anything else so I wanted my money back so he asked again let us fix it please I said ok. They have me a rental car I said ok nice people. So now let's move to the wife as we are doing the paperwork for the rental she said you can't drive it out of town I said o no I'm on my way to Charlotte for the weekend but pl no worries I have another car at home well this rental was horrible clicking all the way home yes I told them so they paid for the rental and I lived a hour away. I said I feel like I'm making the biggest mistake of my life his wife said if the car isn't still working right we will give you your money back all but 100.00 I said let me make sure I'm understanding you will give me money back today even after you fix the issues of it still isn't working right I can get a refund she said yes who wouldn't take that deal I gave them $2,300.00.. so on oct 23,2023 i picked up the car after repair the battery was died they put a new battery in a week late the service engine soon came on I told them that on nov 5, 2023 the car shut off on high I had to get towed I called and text the wife I will return the car and just want a refund so on today 11,7, 2023 tim said talks to the wife and she never said she wasn't coming in the blame game back and for I will be getting a attorney to sue right is right wrong is wrong and a verbal contact is just as legal as paper. I left the car removed the tag and will report this place they had the car for repairs.more then I drove the car all I want is a refund to get me another car not from them. CcR :ocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce Experience Downtown Rocky Mount Rocky Mount, NC Activities Jabaris “Jkelly” Walker, Rocky Mount Councilman Ward 7 Rocky Mount Proud City of Rocky Mount, NC Gov. Offices
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