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izola sanasith
Great place to go for some good coffee, sweets and do business deals. Very friendly, polite, and efficient staff was admirable. I am deeply impressed by how they handled the service correctly with no hassles at all. The affordable pricing of their dessert was incredible! Their cakes were perfect for sweets craving. "5 stars!
10/16/2020 2:50:14 PM Report

Lately, I’m into pasta food, and I’m so glad that I’ve found this restaurant. They were one of the most Italian restaurants that serve the most authentic Italian food. The foods were so delicious. The wines they had were so damn good. The place was so cozy. It gives you a glimpse of Italy. The crews were amazing. They were so approachable and polite. A 5-star rated restaurant!
10/15/2020 3:09:18 PM Report

Last three days, my mother came to my house and found out that my cooktop was not igniting. I quickly relayed it to the right person for this. It was the assigned technician from this company that helped me with this issue. He was very good at finding the best way to fix it as soon as possible. I was truly happy with the repair done.
9/21/2020 3:23:53 PM Report