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Hilda Fisher
NOTABLE WORK! I was feeling anxious about my washer that was not filling up, nut I thanked your technician for fixing it immediately. I like the tactic that he used because it made his work fast and comprehensive. The way he carried his work, it was all detailed and organized. You keep up the incredible and outstanding service!
1/20/2021 5:11:27 AM Report

I enjoyed eating breakfast in this shop! The coffee and the egg sandwich that I ordered was tasty and yummy. I thanked the waitress that served my order correctly and nicely. Also, I felt happy and delighted when I roamed my eyes and found out that the entire shop was clean, comfortable, and stylish. I loved this place so much. Thanks a lot!
1/7/2021 7:17:39 PM Report

Best pizza restaurant ever! Awesome crust with great tasting and fresh ingredients. I had the truffle-flavored pizza which tasted like truffles, along with Parmesan, and porcini mushrooms. All in all, their pizzas were delicious and worth it at a reasonable price. The ambiance was even beautiful and stylish. It was all worth it to spent time and chill here. Don't miss this restaurant!
1/7/2021 5:14:26 PM Report