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Haiden Kirkpatrick
This appliance repair company has expert technicians that could check the main problem of our appliance with a different problem. He was able to fix our dryer that was not heating in less than an hour. We’ve used this company four times already, and the results are always impressive. We highly recommend this company for their professionalism and prompt service!
1/19/2021 6:11:20 PM Report

Good location for Korean BBQ. I give this place double thumbs up. The service was very welcoming and sociable. Menu is similar to a restaurant in Jacksonville I liked.
12/4/2020 6:37:00 PM Report

They basically did a light clean on the entire car. Took all the dust off but not the stains off the car paint. Took the stains off the glass with a razor. Did a quick vaacum of the inside which wasn't very thorough. And a quick wipe down inside the car including inside of the glass. Overall satisfied.
12/4/2020 6:29:57 PM Report