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Evans Juliette
One of the best hotel I ever experienced. They have a welcoming atmosphere and lovely staff members. Good accommodation unique and neat place to stay.The prices are all affordable and worth it.
7/7/2020 7:03:40 PM Report

Oscar from this company did a terrific job performing the water line repair I need today. He arrived quickly after the moment I called their office. He was so kind, hardworking, and his customer service was excellent. He made this experience so remarkable for me. Thank you very much, Oscar, and keep up the good work always!
4/29/2020 7:35:20 PM Report

This is the best wine shop in the city! They had all the wines and beers, too. I bought my dad's favorite Chardonnay and Pinot Noir here. They were much cheaper than any wine shop we've been to. They also serve menus for brunch and dinner. They had pastries and bread, too. I love the smell of the place.
4/28/2020 1:57:16 PM Report