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Elsie Ortiz
Tyon Giernet is a great life coach. He is compassionate, authentic, and knowledgeable. I enjoy working with him in our sessions. Highly recommended Tyon Giernet and Intuitive Health Services!
11/7/2022 4:38:00 PM Report

My brother had his sidewalk replaced before but that previous company never took the pipe out that was underneath so his sidewalk kept raising up. Good thing a friend of ours recommended Ernies Concrete, They repaired it and it was completed in a timely manner. Excellent work!
11/7/2022 4:25:33 PM Report

My Dad had his truck fixed there and they did a great job! Since then, the truck runs great! Will always go there for all our truck needs!
11/7/2022 4:12:13 PM Report

In And Out Pressure Service did an A+ job detailing my fiance’s car, and at a lower price than the other detail company in his request for a quote. They showed up on time and finished quickly. I plan to use them too for my car.
11/7/2022 4:00:56 PM Report

Our puppies are our dream dogs, we can't see our life without them, they have given us too much joy and happiness. ADORABLE SHIH TZU COMPANIONS simply is the best place where you can adopt a puppy.
11/7/2022 3:18:35 PM Report

My Father would like to extend his BIG thanks to you guys! It's nice to have a place to get equipment that is in good working order and an excellent rental place! Thank you.
11/7/2022 2:57:00 PM Report

The price for the work was fair and just. I compared their prices with others and they definitely were out of the top. Their prices are reasonable , even my mom who has actual business with them is reassuring me that DRG LANDSCAPING INC is a high quality landscaping service company.
11/7/2022 2:42:30 PM Report