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Elize Adkins
Bravo for the job well done! Just a week ago, I thanked your technician for arriving in my place earlier than the scheduled time. I was amazed when he fixed my fridge that was not cooling accordingly and immediately. You didn't fail me to be impressed by your service, guys. Thank you for helping me! Very strongly recommended! Keep up the excellent service!
11/26/2020 11:41:09 AM Report

Yesterday, I left this shop with a smile because of the very good service that I received. Honestly, the barber did a great job of my haircut, and it was highly impressive and astonishing. Their shop was a very good place to visit to ask for service because it was clean, nice, and stylish. As a satisfied customer, I will continue to ask service. Thanks!
11/17/2020 8:05:21 PM Report

Great service! The barber did a great job of doing my haircut, and I greatly loved it. Besides, their shop was a very good place to visit, for it was clean, comfortable, and their way of servicing was excellent. Also, they have a bookshelf filled with books, magazines, and news that was very good to read while waiting for your turn. I will surely come back. Thanks!
11/17/2020 8:05:06 PM Report