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Elisa Lawrence
The coordination from the staff over the phone was exceptional, she's very kind and even told me that there's an available technician for my freezer that was not working. I was glad about it. The technician came out so early and did a great job fixing up my appliance. It was a perfect repair. I have no doubt where I will be calling the next time.
2/10/2021 1:47:12 PM Report

I just recently moved to the Los Angeles area and came across this place running for business. I tried it for the first time last week, and I was very impressed. The atmosphere is comfortable everyday, and the prices are more than fair. The meat is really tasty and juicy. I have not bought anything to take home this time, but I will definitely return.
2/5/2021 7:39:19 PM Report

I sent my friends to this place with my warmest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The meals are fantastic and the team is attentive and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we enjoy a gorgeous evening. warmly recommended.
2/5/2021 7:37:06 PM Report