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Ed Jennings
Review of Dr. Tim Pingree, MD and associated staff: I had a situation where my nose seemed constantly “stuffy” and I would wake up at night trying to catch my breath because I could not fully breathe through my nose. After visiting my G.P. doctor, he checked for allergies (none) and recommended I see Dr. Pingree. Dr. Pingree immediately identified the problem by reading my CAT scan and said the nasal turbinates (material that warms the air we breath in our nasal passage) are swollen. I indicated the problem has inhibited clear breathing for years. Dr. Pingree performed a procedure in his office and monitored my healing over a 4 month period. I could not be happier. I can breath clearly through my nose and I no longer wake up at night trying to catch my breath. This has increased my quality of life. Dr. Pingree explained the process every step of the way in plain and simple terms so I knew what was going to happen, as well as the expected outcome. The staff were all very helpful and made the process easy. I would highly recommend Dr. Pingree based on my experience, his expertise and the follow-up care I received. I experienced a great outcome and the procedure really did improve my quality of life. Ed Jennings Doctor of Business Administration
10/24/2019 7:59:37 PM Report