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We had our basement floor epoxied after flood damage caused us to pull up the carpet, and floor tiles underneath also came up. The good news is that the floor looks good and they were able to epoxy in places I wasn't expecting them to be able to. They were also over $1,000 cheaper that the other two estimates I obtained. (But, as my son says, "you get what you paid for"). Now for the not-so-good news. The floor is quite bumpy and pitted - not smooth. When I first met with Tom, he showed me some samples that were very smooth and sparsely speckled with paint flakes. I was concerned about the smooth finish because I had read reviews that complained about epoxy floors being slippery when wet, but he assured me it wouldn't be slippery - and he was right. He had previously explained that it would be a one-day process; that it wouldn't need a clear coat. He said a clear coat is only needed when a lot of flakes were used. Well, a LOT of flakes WERE used - that's why it looks so nice now, but the floor is very rough. In fact one of the paint flakes broke off and cut my finger when I rubbed it to feel how rough it was. His solution was to buy a floor scraper (like a flat edge shovel with a sharp edge - costing $30) and walk all around the basement, scraping off the rough flakes. Another thing is we missed removing a section of cove base and, instead of pulling it off, or bringing it to our attention, he just epoxied there anyways, leaving a ridge and a gap after pulling that off and putting down the new cove base. The job was done on September 12, it's now November 18 and I have yet to receive a receipt for what I paid, in spite of numerous requests. Did I mention that he had me make the checks out to him and not to the business? If you decide to hire this company, you will probably want to make sure they take their garbage with them. We didn't discover until garbage day that they had left it in one of our garbage cans and it was so heavy that our city wouldn't pick it up. After several requests, they finally came for it weeks after the job was done.
11/19/2015 4:36:47 AM Report