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David M. Moran
Captain Kenneth obviously loves the sport, and is a wonderful teacher. This company offers a beautiful adventure at an affordable price. I can't wait to do it again! Thank you!!
10/7/2021 8:44:52 AM Report

I've had great experience with Gillyard Glass And Mirror. They did my bathroom as well as some custom mirrors. Friendly and fast service. I will keep coming back!
10/7/2021 8:30:00 AM Report

Customer service was 100%! Thank you to Justin who were able to replace my flat tire. Definitely coming back to this location. Gained a loyal customer!!
10/7/2021 8:24:21 AM Report

Kenneth was awesome! Every step of the way he was clear and transparent about the process and the prices. The installation process was clear and answered all the questions I had. Kenneth and his team was professional and would highly recommend them.
10/7/2021 7:43:43 AM Report

Helpful, knowledgeable, professional are probably the best adjectives to describe Mark and the staff at Guns, Ammo & Accessories. I've bought pieces from several stores previously, but now I have a favorite. Totally appreciate their discretion and service. I heartily recommend!!
10/7/2021 7:31:06 AM Report

Our project was big, so we knew we needed a reliable company. GS Design built us a 600 sq ft. master bedroom addition just like we wanted it! I can honestly say Greg, and the GS Design team, kept their promise. The job was completed at a high quality, on time, and within the original estimate I was quoted. If every construction project went like this - we would have a lot more construction!
10/7/2021 7:14:21 AM Report

They did a much better job than the painters I hired in 2015. They were very professional and explained the work process and answered all of my questions from the estimate to the end stage. They provided their own scaffolding so that made their price much better. The staff was very professional and they cleaned up well after they finished the job.
10/7/2021 6:45:50 AM Report

I'm very satisfied. My bathroom was in desperate need of upgrading. This company gave me a reasonable quote, and they were very friendly. The work was done on time, with no surprises, and my bathroom is now beautiful. I would highly recommend them for any remodeling job and I would gladly work with them again.
10/7/2021 6:29:46 AM Report

They are fantastic. I cannot wait to come home to my spectacularly clean home each time they come. They go the extra mile moving furniture and providing small touches that are white glove service like stamping and folding the TP like a 5 star hotel. I would highly highly recommend them to anyone!
10/7/2021 5:57:41 AM Report

Kevin is very reliable, reasonable and fair pricing, and awesome quality work! He made our front porch look brand new! He was very thorough in ensuring the project turned out perfect! He was very meticulous!
10/7/2021 5:46:51 AM Report

Herbert was always very responsive when I reach out to him, shows up on time, and works very hard. I have been pleased with the quality of work he and his team have done for me on a wide range of different projects. He is very trustworthy and gets the job done on time at a reasonable cost.
10/7/2021 5:31:34 AM Report

They were absolutely wonderful; I am grateful for their professional, thorough, attentive work. They cleaned EVERYTHING: baseboards, lampshades, high cupboards, windowsills, corners behind furniture, and stubborn stains in the kitchen sink. And they did a miraculous job with the oven! The agency staff were also prompt in answering my questions and helping me to schedule the services I needed.
10/7/2021 5:10:12 AM Report

The folks over the phone who helped set up my appointment were friendly and courteous. I had an issue with my sink leaking and they have setup an appointment for 2 days later, but were then able to send someone in earlier. The person who came in to check the issue was a professional and friendly guy and he was willing to explain the problem in great detail and how he would fix it. I'd certainly hire them more.
10/7/2021 5:04:10 AM Report

I will recommend these guys for the reasons that a towing company should be recommended for, they are cheap, fast, friendly and no hidden fees, no bull no nothing, I would definitely use them when I have to. Thanks guys you guys are the best!
10/7/2021 4:59:52 AM Report

Don't go anywhere else. This company did a phenomenal job. We couldn't be happier with the results. They were easy to communicate with, came on time and worked so hard. I will definitely be referring them to anyone who needs this type of service.
10/7/2021 4:49:54 AM Report

They did a much better job than the painters I hired in 2015. They were very professional and explained the work process and answered all of my questions from the estimate to the end stage. They provided their own scaffolding so that made their price much better. The staff was very professional and they cleaned up well after they finished the job.
8/25/2021 11:05:44 AM Report

TLC Janitorial Service did a deep cleaning at my apartment yesterday, and they did an incredible job. 24 hours later I'm still finding areas and items they cleaned that were beyond my expectation. They were also super fast and efficient, and arrived exactly on time.
8/23/2021 6:35:37 PM Report

Had a TON of dirt in my backyard and a lot of work to be done. These guys did an amazing job removing all the dirt, regrading and installing a whole new sprinkler system. I would highly recommend to anyone with a small or large project.
8/23/2021 6:03:38 PM Report

Workers always wore masks and practiced social distancing. They put down covers where needed to protect floors and furniture. Really good quality, super impressed by the attention to detail and style.
8/23/2021 5:58:38 PM Report

I needed to remodel my place and I found this company so I gave them the job and when they were done with the job they were so professional they are on time no cutting corners. I was definitely pleased with their work, give them a call.
8/23/2021 5:45:55 PM Report

I needed an expert opinion to verify whether the TPO roof work done on my home was correct. The gentleman that I spoke with was very knowledgeable and gave great advice. He took the time to review the photos that I sent him, and offered even more advice which made me feel more reassured. Other roofers I called were short if it didn't = $$$ --- Nice to know that some people still offer their expertise!
8/23/2021 5:40:12 PM Report

Definitely a 5 star! I felt very confident with the service this towing company provided! Would definitely recommend and very reasonable pricing! Thank you again!
8/23/2021 5:09:35 PM Report

Their response is fast, and the crew works together to make the job of taking down a hallowed out 50 year old Mimosa tree look easy. From the point of contact to the job complete, Owner and his crew are fast, friendly and highly skilled professionals. Fair pricing as well. I'd highly recommend this company for all your tree service needs.
8/23/2021 5:02:21 PM Report

Friends Seamless Gutters had provided an excellent service: Good communication with administration, very professional advice while providing possible solutions, quick work of the team and nice cleanup after the job. I was surprised how smooth the whole process was. And the price was reasonable :)
7/15/2021 4:32:41 PM Report

Jesus showed up in a mask with all his gear ready to go and on time. He did an excellent job cleaning all my windows at a very reasonable rate. I recommend him highly to anyone that wants good service, done by a really nice guy. I'll definitely be referring him to friends and calling him nine months from now to do my windows again.
7/15/2021 4:21:59 PM Report

Love ordering my sweatshirts from here! They are great prices and my order is always correct! I greatly enjoy all the different color options!!!
7/15/2021 4:12:54 PM Report

Enjoyed the order experience, inexpensive, easy, fast delivery, great communication, and awesome product.
7/15/2021 4:04:27 PM Report

Matthew was very busy when I called him for our leaking hot tub. He said he couldn't get to me for a while. I asked him if he could just come and take a quick look so he could order the part. He agreed. Came by the next day and took 10 minutes to do the whole job. No leak. Inexpensive. Great service.
7/15/2021 3:58:14 PM Report

I needed to remodel my place and I found this company so I gave them the job and when they were done with the job they were so professional they are on time no cutting corners I was definitely pleased with there work give them a call.
7/15/2021 3:49:05 PM Report

Needed work on tub/shower faucet that wasn't property diverting all the water to the showerhead. Plumber was scheduled to arrive between 1 to 2pm and arrived at 1:00pm. He wore a mask and donned gloves at my request. He took less than 5 minutes to analyze the job then went to work when I okayed the estimate. Work was quickly completed to my satisfaction. Can't get much better than that.
7/15/2021 3:42:31 PM Report

I got bra length, tapered individual braids in a dark purple color and I love love love how they came out. Extremely professional quality, CLEAN braids and they had me in and out in less than 6 hours. Definitely money well spent.
7/15/2021 3:34:48 PM Report

Scheduled a round trip right before Memorial Day weekend and the service was amazing - drivers were so nice and courteous! Price was great! Will definitely use again.
7/15/2021 2:55:14 PM Report

Alberto was very cooperative, knows his stuff, was fair-minded, and did a great job of managing his team and the somewhat complex project over two days. During the crew's lunches here, I heard lots of laughter.... always a good sign :). The crew was friendly and always willing to do the little extra work that comes up on these types of projects. I would definitely recommend Ortega Tree Services to anyone needing tree cutting or pruning. to anyone needing tree cutting or pruning.
7/15/2021 2:47:54 PM Report

We were so excited when we received the cake! The owner was very responsive when I was trying to make the order and very helpful. They provided me with all the details and links and answered all my questions which I'm very grateful for. Their website is very easy to use.
7/15/2021 2:39:32 PM Report

Kenneth is very professional and a generous person. He went above and beyond helping my mom out with my dad's Final Placement by being on time with the lovely doves and creating for us an unforgettable video that we will cherish forever in our lives, especially my mom.
7/15/2021 2:21:41 PM Report

The technicians were on time, extremely polite and personable. They completed the work while checking in with me along the way if any adjustments needed to be made, and made sure I signed off on their work. This may have been the smoothest, easiest home project I have ever had done.
7/15/2021 2:12:18 PM Report

Everything was fantastic! Thank you and I truly appreciate your quickness and professionalism. Really enjoyed and appreciated the excellent service. Cheers!
7/15/2021 1:51:46 PM Report

Shirmere was wonderful!! So patient, knowledgeable and understanding of a new client with many questions. She worked with me to figure out exactly what I wanted and her recommendations show she has years of experience in the art. My lashes turned out beautiful and exactly how I wanted them. I can't wait to come back.
7/15/2021 1:42:57 PM Report

This company is outstanding. They did an amazing job of clearing out tall weeds and hauling the debris away. And for a reasonable price. It was also a short notice job but they got back to me right away and scheduled it ASAP. They were very professional.
7/15/2021 1:28:38 PM Report

The whole process from setting up an appointment for the initial estimate, all the way to demolition and installation was smooth. If you want excellent workmanship, this is the company you want.
7/15/2021 1:20:34 PM Report