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Darryl Mcbride
Excellent service from this company. The electrician was very expert about ceiling lights installation. He made the service in no time to my full satisfaction. His expertise and professionalism were very commendable. This is the best service I have ever experienced. I'll keep this electrical company for future repair needs.
11/21/2020 6:03:20 AM Report

It was amazing that we had the owner came to meet and greet and explained his travels around the world and all the items he collected over the years in the apartment everything was there even a bottle of champagne, there we were celebrating our anniversary. This is really the best of the best hotel we ever been in and we will be definitely back. Thank you so much for who we had the honor to meet as well and spoke a good conversation!
11/17/2020 5:01:37 PM Report

I would honestly give the highest rating and good positive feedback to the restaurant I've been last night. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is cozy and romantic. All of the staff know exactly what good customer service is. They knew what they are doing and do it professionally. I have nothing to complain about their overall service. Thank you very much!
11/17/2020 1:58:52 PM Report