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Danielle Patton
The best hotel in town! Truly comforts of your home while away. It is our usual holiday to spend on the beach. Not this time. We spend our holidays here in the hotel, as my friend referred to me. I am glad we did because the place was amazing. The kids love it. And the staff was very accommodating and hospitable. We surely come back here again for a future stay. The best!
9/4/2020 6:38:19 PM Report

The best of the best coffee I ever tasted! They had special coffee beans that make their coffee very special and unique with other coffee shops in the town. They also have pastries, cakes, muffins, and more desserts. The place is very relaxing and cozy, too. Please, stop by here and have a cup of coffee!
9/4/2020 6:37:25 PM Report

The brilliant idea, skill, and consistency of the technician were outstanding in fixing my dryer that won't turn on. I was too overwhelmed when the technician showed a determination to fix my appliance in a very quick manner. I was very contentedwith the service that he provided. I am lucky to work with you. You are absolutely recommended to everyone!
8/21/2020 4:07:25 PM Report