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Dan Kerr
Great bakeshop! Every time we visit our mom we make sure to drop by here to grab some cupcakes. This place is her favorite shop when it comes to cakes. I am honestly a fan of this shop because the cupcakes are really good. It can be a perfect gift to everyone on any occasion. Prices are reasonable.
3/23/2016 5:22:25 AM Report

My addiction started on drinking too much alcohol until I had a chance to try something new, that’s the drugs. I found it much interesting than alcohol, so I stick to it. I still remember that there is no single day without an argument with my parents just because of drugs. I rebel most of the time, but it comes to a point that I seek help. Luckily I found Phoenix Drug Treatment AZ. By participating therapies and group session I feel the joy that was lacking in my life a long time. I admit that I take drugs and feel happy for a while, but I still felt empty inside. I am just grateful for knowing this place. Thank you so much for helping me.
2/22/2016 6:01:59 AM Report
It is our pleasure to be part of your successful recovery Dan Kerr! Letting go of any addiction needs proper treatment and courage to stop it. We are just glad to read your review and how being sober changed your life for the better. We hope the best in your sober life.
2/23/2016 4:24:37 AM - Report

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