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Daisy Hunter
This is the only shop gives quality cuts and other services without you having to spend way too much. Both have friendly staff and perform their services very well. They have well-trained barbers who could cut your hair awesomely. I really appreciate them for doing a good job! Thanks a lot!
9/2/2020 3:15:35 PM Report

This is the best place for your hairstyle because they could provide exceptional service. Just like with my experience. Josh cut my hair beautifully as I wanted to. I loved how I look with my hair. He knew how to handle. He also accommodated me with drinks and a pocketbook to read so that I could enjoy the moment as well. Excellent service!
9/2/2020 3:15:13 PM Report

My brother noticed that we got some dishwasher that was not starting for a while now so we decided to contact this repair company. The technician, was very polite and has obviously mastered his skills in doing profession. Regarding the price, it was affordable, and the service was stunning. Thumbs up for a great job! Highly recommended appliance service to my area!
8/21/2020 3:57:50 PM Report