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Corrie J. Scott
I can highly recommend Mold Inspection & Testing of Houston TX to any homeowners in the city needing quality, independent mold testing to confirm or deny your suspicions. I haven’t had a bad experience with any particular mold removal company. However, I have heard some stories. Based on that, I wanted to hire an independent mold testing company and not a mold removal team. I’m happy with my decision to hire Mold Inspection & Testing (‘MI&T’). The guy they sent to my house arrived on-time with the equipment he needed. Did a complete indoor/outdoor inspection. Took moisture readings, air samples, surface samples, etc. I am very happy with the work performed on my property. I received the report earlier this week and have already reached out to a mold removal company armed with more knowledge than I expected! THANK YOU and five stars!
8/3/2019 1:56:59 AM Report