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Redlich Transmissions are the biggest ripoff artists I've ever met. In the past I've gone to shops and suspected that I was getting ripped off but until now I was never 100% sure! Their 90 day warranty is hilarious. Ninety days is short enough that their work should last that long so when it fails just past 90 days, they don't have to honor a warranty. They will say the 90 day warranty is on the parts and that the parts are only giving them a 90 day warranty. They will say they will cover the cost of the part but you have to pay for the labor. It just so turns out that the cost they are charging for labor is the same cost that other shops charge for the entire job (parts and labor), plus they will only warranty the job for 90 days (again) when other shop's warranty is 1 year, so they don't lose anything. Actually, they would make a profit because what you would be paying for is parts and labor anyway. If you try to file a complaint with the BBB, they will lie saying you chose the house brand part and knew it only had a 90 day warranty when you never even knew they had a house brand part, because they told you they only use quality name brand parts! I guess it should be no surprise that they will lie to the BBB. After all, they would have to lie or they'd be admitting that they ripped you off. They have reviews on their website saying things like: "Their honesty and value mean a lot," "This is a place that cares about their customers," "Excellent service," "Very customer friendly." Give me a break! But I guess they couldn't tell the truth on their website either. They wouldn't get much business if they told the truth about what tremendous ripoff artists they are! Be warned! Stay far far away from this place!
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