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Cheri Hawk
I was only moving about five miles away and just a 1 bedroom but I had a huge dresser, a king size bed and a huge sofa. So I went with professional help and I really liked my movers. I was given a 3 hour estimate but was told if I pack everything before they got their and organize a little it may very well be less time. They worked hard and actually did the move in 30 min less! They could have dragged it out and didn't, I was grateful for that. They also didn't complain, were very nice, and they made any change I asked them to make at the new apartment. All in all, made moving not as horrible as it could have been
11/22/2017 4:39:43 PM Report

Lance is amazing. Very professional and does very good, quality work. I had him put in curtains, a shower head, and install a few floating shelves on my wall. When one shelf came down, due to the dry wall being “dry rotten”, Lance came back and not only fixed the shelf, but rechecked all the other shelves he had done for free. I will most definitely use him again. Will always be calling Road Runner Handyman Consulting Service.
10/31/2017 6:59:23 PM Report