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Charlotte Loyd
If you are looking to resolve your IRS problems, get in touch with these people. If you’re planning to put things off and keep putting your IRS issues off, don’t call them. They are experts and they helped me get back on track. I used to be a truck driver back in the late 90s and I ended filing all of my tax years in 2000 after I filed Bankruptcy… which was wrong. The IRS confirmed I owed $64,000. Their attorney work determined that given that I am now retired and on fixed income, I can no longer pay for this. I wouldn't even think to battle the IRS by myself. I tried to contact them and even that was a chore within itself. I’d talk to a different person each time I contacted and they never cared about my situation or perhaps helping me to solve it. Thank GOD for this firm as well as their expertise.
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