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4820 O.S.T, Houston TX 77021, United States
I had a very good experience working with this company. Their staff was friendly and very responsive, which is extremely important thing during the project. Promptness is also very important and this quality is present in the staff of this company!
1/13/2020 4:12:51 AM Report

After visiting Porcelain Veneers Brooklyn, I am actually feeling much less stressed about my next few appointments there after my visit a few days ago. Thanks to all for making me happy!
1/11/2020 9:00:53 AM Report

Well pain management is working for me they get all my procedures covered and my pain has significantly improved thank you. I am feeling a lot of changes and improvement in my body.
12/8/2019 3:05:42 AM Report

I have been coming here for about a year for chiropractic adjustments. I see the docs here are great to deal and work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. There is no bad smell of medicine in the office. Well organized!
12/8/2019 2:43:30 AM Report

I received excellent service. They explained me everything in detail about my treatment. Nothing was hidden from me during the treatment.
12/7/2019 10:20:46 AM Report

The great part of this place is that they try their best to make their services good at each step. Their first preference is to make their patients happy and satisfied.
12/6/2019 1:28:47 PM Report

I am feeling very blessed to have this place for my needs. They treated my back pain with a lot of care. I was very nervous during the visit, but they provided me peace of mind. Thanks a lot!
11/30/2019 5:38:20 AM Report