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Bogan Rodrick
I don't party much, but my friend invited me on his birthday to this bar. Their drinks and booze were very good. The place is great, not too dimly. Their type of music is updated and everyone loves the beat. I had so much fun! I definitely spend my birthday here with my friends next month! Happy people in one place!
9/8/2020 4:39:44 PM Report

I love to shop for my wines here! They offer the best wine in the city and their prices were very fair, too. They also had a place here to chill with your friends while having the best sip of wine. They also had pastries and macaroons for your kids, too. I had so much fun sitting in their cute and cozy sofas.
9/8/2020 4:37:52 PM Report

The staff at your company was responsible and was so speedy and cordial with scheduling my appointment for my range burners that were not working. I was amazed by the service of the technician because everything was very pleasant and efficient. He repaired my appliance in a very nice way without any issues in the end. Five stars for you, guys!
8/24/2020 8:23:18 PM Report