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Betsy Marsh
We were thankful that your technician made us feel relieved with his quality of work, as well as his good attitude. He was the one who repaired our refrigerator gasket. He was very eager to finish the task given right there and then. He did a fast and convenient work in repairing our appliance. This must be recommended to all.
1/21/2021 1:21:10 AM Report

This place has A LOT of potential. Beautiful view, great service, and just overall good vibes.Very nice hotel, staff are very polite and helpful.
1/7/2021 6:42:10 PM Report

Great place for coffee and pastries. I enjoy going there sometimes just to chill. Nice and big. During the week is nice some less people. I recommend this place for sure.
1/7/2021 3:17:13 PM Report