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Annie Barton
The flowers were a beautiful surprise for my mother as I live abroad. She absolutely loved them and it was a reminder that I was thinking of her. The choice of flowers was beautiful and was arranged gorgeously with such care. They were also delivered on time. I am very satisfied with them and would definitely recommend this Flower Shop to all of my friends!
10/14/2020 3:12:06 PM Report

We usually spend our time here with my friends because we all love coffee. It became a nice hobby for us to enjoy. We also met lots of cool people in this place and yes we like to talk about love and coffee occasionally. We ended up the day with fun! That's why we choose this place whenever we have something to talk about and something to enjoy!
10/14/2020 3:09:38 PM Report

I just want to thank your technician for assisting me to fix my refrigerator that was leaking, and for being so determined and proficient in his job. He always made sure that everything will be set in a clear manner without any issues. It was him that displayed a thorough and masterful approach to my appliance. I could see that the technician was very dedicated to his job!
9/21/2020 3:33:10 PM Report