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A beautiful collection of flowers! The flowers were fresh and presented on time. I bought a bouquet for my wife on her birthday, and she loved it! I like that they had many choices from me to choose from as well as different styles for different events. I will call again in the future for any flowers I will be sending.
10/16/2020 2:34:52 PM Report

I've been to this coffee shop a couple of times before. I fell in love with this cute shop. The coffee and pastries they had were so delicious. The place was so beautiful. It is perfect to chill and relax. The ambiance of the place was so calming. The barista was so friendly and accommodating. Such a perfect coffee shop.
10/15/2020 2:51:29 PM Report

To everyone who looked for an affordable repair service, contact this company. I am so glad that the assigned repairman that they forwarded came on time, and solved the issue of my dishwasher that was not starting, right away. I liked the strategy that he used in fixing my unit. His work was fast and excellent. Best repair service ever!
9/21/2020 3:03:35 PM Report