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Andre Kyle
This is my very favorite place to eat. I am vegan but my girlfriend eats meat and this is perfect for us. I normally get a fruit salad but its the bakery that keeps us going back. We love all of their desserts- the heart cookies are the best, along with their cupcakes.
6/27/2020 4:55:25 AM Report

I thanked your electrician for helping me to fix my panel breaker that needs a replacement. I was astounded when he finished the repair earlier than the expected time. I can say that he is such a great man when it comes to this kind of service. Until the next transaction, guys! You are strongly recommended!
5/13/2020 3:03:58 PM Report

Excellent coffee and food! Your coffee shop was one of the places I like to visit here in our area. It's a great place to hang out with friends or discuss any business here. Their staff was very kind and helpful if ever you have any concerns. The space was spacious and clean. Unlike other coffee shops which are very crowded and noisy. I highly recommend this to all!
5/12/2020 6:55:30 AM Report