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Amanpreet Gordon
Awesome furniture collection and constantly adding new items. The best selection of luxury European furniture. Gorgeous showrooms. Beautiful shop, extraordinary experience in the presence of very pleasant and competent salesmen.
9/3/2020 3:26:57 PM Report

This is a very beautiful place, friendly faculties and nice environment they have a quality furniture, the staff is awesome and the amenities are great! I recommend this place for everyone.
9/3/2020 3:25:34 PM Report

I have ordered flowers from this flower shop twice already and each time their customer service has always shined through. The flowers were all beautiful and the arrangement was just as it was when I chose it online. They truly deserved a five-star rating. Thank you very much for your great service. Thank you!
9/2/2020 12:16:32 PM Report

This place is one of my favorite coffee shops in the area. All of the employees are friendly and helpful. The orders are made very fast. There are lots of chairs and tables to accommodate many customers and they offer ample parking spaces as well. The place is very convenient since it is nearby my place. Thank you!
9/2/2020 12:14:33 PM Report

Thank you is not enough to extend my deepest appreciation with the work done by your technician in restoring my cooktop that was not igniting. He was a very big help to me. A very professional and responsible man. You helped me saved money and helped me realized, that I should value all of the things, around me. You are highly suggested!
8/22/2020 7:29:41 AM Report

My refrigerator was leaking, so I decided to call your office to ask for some help. My worries faded off when your technician arrived and fixed my broken appliance as soon as possible. He proved to me that your company is one of the best here in our area. The totality of his work was so satisfying. A big thanks to him! Very strongly recommended service! Keep it up!
8/21/2020 2:41:21 PM Report