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alexakis glynis
A highly recommended pizza pub in the area! I really love their pizza. It was so delicious and the crust was so crunchy. The cheese on top was perfectly melted. The place has a great ambiance. The pizzas were very affordable. The staff was so pleasant and accommodating. Overall it was a great pizza pub!
10/16/2020 12:35:49 PM Report

Good variety of the finest desserts, pastries.One of my absolute favorite restaurants in Los Angeles.Great service, great atmosphere, great everything.One of the best cafe I've ever seen.
10/15/2020 12:23:35 PM Report

The technician that I liked to work with for he understood quickly my concern. He fixed my oven hinge problems flawlessly accurate. He finished the repair before the time. It was an exceptional service that I experienced, he fixed the problem successfully and professionally, he was fast and careful. I recommend your company to anyone I know. Thank you so much!
9/22/2020 1:45:01 PM Report