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Alberto Lamb
Jack is the best broker that I have had the pleasure of working with and I have moved several times in New York City and have used several different brokers previously.Unlike the other brokers, Jack took the time to learn what I was looking for and showed me several places that met my needs.He took the time to explain things that were good about each place and things that were not so great, in order to ensure that I found the right place for me. I really appreciated how honest he was--something that is rare to find these days.I have already recommended Jack to family and friends and will continue to do so. If I have to move again in the future, I know who to call.
3/27/2020 12:43:16 PM Report

They were prompt and helpful, happily answering a barrage of questions I had. They did the job quickly, but professionally. We honestly began looking around our house to see what else needed an update just so we can give JC Walker and his crew a call again. Thank you guys so much!
3/27/2020 12:20:35 PM Report

The 360 virtual torus is a great for busy buyers.They can check the location before actually going to the real location.
3/27/2020 8:34:22 AM Report