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Alanah Currie
Something about this cafe, its location and the clientele gives you that quintessential LA feel. Great coffee and good food. Great place to chill after a solid urban hike in the Hollywood Hills area.
10/16/2020 8:00:05 PM Report

Great, quick service and non-greasy burgers! Both regular and sweet potato fries were delicious. My family and I really enjoyed our lunch.The service are authentic a casual lunch in Downtown Los Angeles or a pre-theater dining experience, coupled with the speed and convenience of fast casual restaurants.
10/15/2020 9:15:05 PM Report

I rapidly call your company to set an appointment for my oven that was not heating. Luckily, your technician solved the problem quickly without any trouble. I am very happy that I found your wonderful company. I won't hesitate and call you again if ever I have a problem with my appliance! I will surely recommend all your services to everyone I know!
9/22/2020 12:28:50 PM Report