Zionsville Holistic Chiropractic & Wellness Center

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1620 W. Oak St. #100
Zionsville 46077
United States
Phone number:
(317) 733-9630

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Company description

The "status quo", as we define it, is the set of beliefs that people acquire regarding their health that they then consider as "THE TRUTH." Did you realize that our country continues to become more overweight and obese, yet the number of "FAT FREE" items has increased dramatically? Did you realize that for the first time in history our children are not forecasted to live past the age of their parents? Did you realize that, according to the American Medical Association, the third most likely thing you will die of as an American is now a medication that was properly prescribed? Unfortunately, these questions are only the tip of the iceberg, but they are also the reason why we are extremely unique.
We offer people all natural, noninvasive, and completely customized healthcare solutions that focus on an inside-to-outside philosophy. The Central Nervous System is the master controller of your entire body and when there is interference, your body will not perform at its full potential. This interference is called a subluxation, and as chiropractors, we have been trained to find and remove this nerve interference which will help you achieve optimal health. We are really excited about the tremendous results that we get with many problem cases that other systems are not able to help. We do several things differently here that makes such a big difference in our results. We have put together a system of care that has created a breakthrough. NOT ONLY DO WE restore the nerve system with precise chiropractic adjustments to release vital life force nerve energy so that the body can heal itself from within, WE ALSO work to detoxify and balance the body chemistry with all natural, time tested, Homeopathy that your body needs. PLUS, WE prescribe the exact nutrient supplements that each person's body is craving. THEN, WE ALSO INCLUDE a very powerful new breakthrough system of releasing extremely damaging Emotional Stress and Tension to not only the subconscious mind, heart and soul of a person, but also to the body as well. We use a dynamic muscle testing system called Neuro Emotional Technique or N.E.T..
We are attacking your health problems on four levels all at the same time which no other system does. Conditions will probably not get resolved any other way when a person needs this system of care. You are not just getting one treatment, but four treatments combined and this is why we get such fantastic results. This is a very essential and powerful combination. We see patients ranging from all ages (even newborns) and with a variety of conditions. We connect like-minded people who are looking to live with more vitality than ever before.


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