Zenned Out LLC.

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4625 S Ash Ave #19
Tempe 85282
United States
Phone number:
(480) 755-2151


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Company description

"That moment when your mind is fluttering with flashing images of your wildest dreams, when you seemingly lose yourself deep in the connection of all that is, when you are completely absorbed by your soul’s inspired quest for purpose, when your inner goddess has been awakened to the divine magic which guides her way: THAT is being Zenned Out. It is that very sensation on which we built our soul-centered brand.

Zenned Out jewelry is a tangible, powerful, and wearable reminder to become engrossed in what you love. Like a meaningful tattoo you can take off and switch out, Zenned Out jewelry will remind you of how divinely inspired you truly are. We make clean, thoughtful designs with deep, spiritual messages that are not overtly obvious. Rather, we create tasteful pieces as unique as you are that hold a profound meaning for you–and only you.

Born from the heart of a true creative visionary and Femme-Preneur, Cassie Uhl established Zenned Out as means to inspire women to foster a lifestyle in which purpose and passion are fully aligned. It is for this reason that Zenned Out is a women-run empire, where each piece is handcrafted by a woman who holds the same hopes and dreams deep within her heart that you do–to create from deep within, to connect with other goddesses from every corner of Mother Earth, and to be a source of inspired energy to others through her passions. Made to be more than a way to adorn yourself. It is meant to help pave a gilded pathway to open discussion about topics of spirituality, and create a space in which you can fully express your beliefs, hopes and inspirations.

At Zenned Out, all of our handmade products are made in Tempe, Arizona. We value keeping our craft local, small, and purposeful, so we will continue to make our products right here in the United States. We believe that by valuing craftsmanship and keeping money inside the U.S., change can happen. We are the alternative to mass production, we believe in the lighter side of gift giving, and making a difference in people’s lives. At Zenned Out, we want to give you the purchasing power that makes you feel good–not guilty.

Let your passion lead you to a lifestyle in which you live every day Zenned Out. Don’t hold back, divine darling! Be inspired, embolden others, grow, learn, laugh—and most importantly, let your heart and mind dream freely and wildly of all that you truly desire. Then, make it yours."


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