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The world’s economy is rapidly changing and evolving. Are you rapidly changing and evolving?
The speed of change today is perhaps more rapid than it has ever historically been. Just be observant, look around as you drive through your town. You will likely notice numerous out of business signs adhered to the doors and windows of what were long standing businesses serving the community. You will see many going out of business signs. It seems as if all businesses are constantly having a sale. Businesses are struggling to drive consumers through their doors.
These closing or closed businesses did not observe the obvious changes that had been taking place all around them. Online businesses, lower cost competitors growing daily. Consumer preferences changing; consumers preferred the convenience of purchasing online versus going to a brick & mortar business. If these businesses would have reacted to these incredible shifts early enough they may have been able to not only avoid their demise but may have been able to reinvent themselves and taken advantage of these shifts in consumer preferences and competitive changes.
But sadly, much of businesses have not adapted. No matter if they have the best service offering or product they simply will not survive.
You ask; what does this have to do with me? The answer is; it has everything to do with you as there are many other rapid changes taking place all around you that will impact your viability to earn a living and to ensure financial stability and prosperity for you and your family.
You see, the model or formula of how one secures and maintains employment and generates income that has persisted for decades is now rapidly changing and evolving. The old formula of getting great grades in high school, getting a great SAT score, getting into a great university, graduating university and getting a great job with a great organization, doing a great job for your company, getting great promotions and working your way up the ladder until you reach the top and get the great corner office with a view is now dying a very rapid death and is becoming very, very painful for many who have followed this formula for their success.
Be aware that being and doing great is simply not sufficient anymore. Do not be the business with a going out of business sign in its window. Degrees from a university are rapidly becoming irrelevant in today’s job marketplace. Even if this was not the case companies are now in constant cost cutting modes. Constantly looking at ways to reduce headcount. Yes, you are just a headcount today. There is almost no loyalty to be found. This means that there is little or no security even if you followed the old formula for success, great degree, doing a great job etc… Do not take my word for it, look at the unemployed numbers and the underemployed numbers. Also, many companies especially those in the supercharged growing technology industry are dropping the requirements for degrees at they are looking for entrepreneurs. Individuals who take charge and own their lives.
Those who have payed attention to these rapid changes and adapted are now thriving in this new economy. They are the entrepreneurs who instead of getting up, putting on a suit or even work jeans have decided to take control of their lives, provide their own security by working for themselves. The majority of them even Work From Home.
There are numerous opportunities in the technology field, network marketing etc… to Work From Home, make an incredible living, provide security for you and your family. I implore you to search for these opportunities. Do not allow your belief or training in the old system to deny you the security and prosperity that becoming an entrepreneur can provide. Entrepreneurs are taking over the economy. No matter if you are old or young you can prosper.
Wouldn’t it be great to Work From Home, see your family more often, rid yourself of the stress of having a boss, while at the same time providing your family with more security than it has ever known.


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