We Proudly Serve Starbucks, The Cup

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1607 Ocean Dr
Vero Beach 32963
United States
Phone number:
(772) 766-0455


8:00 - 15:30
8:00 - 15:30
8:00 - 15:30
8:00 - 15:30
8:00 - 15:30
8:00 - 15:30
8:00 - 15:30

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There is no denying that this coffee shop is well known because it has the finest coffee and pastries here. I'm so grateful to have been able to try it, and it was great because it's all beautiful and satisfying here. The service is also excellent, and for that, I like to recommend these guys!
1/25/2021 1:41:08 PM Report

The barista was very knowledgeable about coffee, he explained all the details. He also helped out when I bought some bags of coffee to carry around. All the team members were polite and welcoming. I've been more than pleased with the coffee. It was worth tasting. Soon we'll be back here again!
1/22/2021 7:49:10 PM Report

Last week, we stopped here for coffee since we wanted to spend time here. We love having chit-chat over the cup of coffee. We chose this place because this is one of the best places to get coffee. I just think that the chocolate overpowers the coffee that you may think that you're drinking hot choco. It's worth a try!
1/22/2021 5:36:38 PM Report

The entire visit to this coffee shop was excellent! The service was amazing and my waiter was very accommodating to the language barrier. He recommended the amazing burger salad and of course dessert was perfect. The atmosphere is elegant and inviting. I honestly can't think of a single negative. I will definitely recommend this coffee shop to all coffee lovers!
1/22/2021 4:58:50 PM Report

Al is amazing and very friendly. I went to this coffee shop this morning, and he was the one who made my coffee. This coffee shop has the best organic, high-quality teas and coffees that I have tasted. The place is as perfect as their coffee, very quaint and cozy. All coffee lovers must stop by this place! Don't miss to try their Cappuccino, guys!
10/15/2020 4:45:22 PM Report

You'll always be free to stay here as long as you like. This place feels a little bit homier because of couches and chairs. I always love their double chocolate latte. The place is not too crowded and it's great for studying. I really love also their song choice, very young, and trend. It's nice to chill and relax here with some dessert and hot or cold coffee.
5/12/2020 10:27:15 AM Report

I would recommend this coffee shop to all my friends and other family members. They offer different kinds to suit varying tastes. The guy who took my order is so welcoming and treated me kind and special like no other. The whole shop is so beautiful, air-conditioned, and clean. I really love going back to this place. Thank you very much!
5/6/2020 9:03:41 AM Report

This coffee shop is a good place to meet. They have a spacious parking area, and the location is very accessible. I can't say enough about their good coffee and tasty foods they served. And also, their staff is all friendly, considerate, and accommodating, most especially the girl who took my orders at that time. I would highly recommend this coffee shop to all of my friends.
5/6/2020 8:45:17 AM Report

It's taken me a while, but I finally found a coffee shop in my area. Nice, and strong full-flavored and not as expensive as some of the others I've tried before. They have a good coffee and friendly service throughout. The ambiance is so good, and the internet connection is fast. I would strongly recommend this coffee shop to everyone who loves coffee.
5/6/2020 8:18:11 AM Report

A week ago, I had a lot of paper works to be done, so I decided to go to your coffee shop to do it there. The ambiance was so peaceful and relaxing. The taste of your coffee and cakes were so tasty and satisfying. I enjoyed doing my works in your wonderful shop. Keep serving the best coffee! Cheers for more customers!
5/6/2020 7:47:47 AM Report

I just wanted to express my experience in this wonderful coffee shop. The waiter was so accommodating and fast in serving my order. I love the taste of their coffee because it matched my ideal flavor. I will surely visit this place again and again. Very strongly recommended to all of my friends and colleagues!
5/6/2020 6:18:20 AM Report

This coffee shop sells also they special coffee beans for us to enjoy their coffee while at home. I bought their best-selling Signature House Blend coffee bean and it was the best! I always have their coffee before heading to work. It was very aromatic. Try their coffee now, and you won't regret it!
4/28/2020 12:15:59 PM Report

I had my morning coffee in this shop, every day. I always crave the taste of their coffee. Their coffee beans were way different from any other coffee shop in the city. I love the ambiance of the place. It was very airy and tidy. They also serve pastries and cookies, and they were the best! I am so happy they were located near my workplace, so before heading to work, I will drop by and buy my coffee.
4/28/2020 10:36:24 AM Report

Oh, my! This coffee shop was good to stop over and visit! I came here a couple of weeks ago. The coffee that the waiter served to me was ashy and caramel. I like it so much. It must be my first time here in your shop, but I greatly have quality time. Also, I loved the attitudes of the waiters. They wore a smile when they served customers and entertained us well. Besides, I felt comfortable and relaxed when I was around this shop. Thank you!
4/27/2020 2:17:10 PM Report

Before going to work, I went with this coffee shop to improve my energy level and to be more productive. The place was comfortable to have a break, big space, the tables and chairs were well-organized. Also, the coffee that the waiter served me taste good. Honestly, I loved it so much. It was the coffee that I expected to taste. The waiter was too friendly and informative. I loved that kind of guy. Great service!
4/27/2020 2:03:37 PM Report

I love this coffee shop, everything is on point. They got a good selection of coffees from strong ones to sweet ones. All of the staff are very accommodating and approachable. The serving of the orders was worth sharing and was very fast. I went to hundreds of coffee shops in the world and this place makes an excellent and different taste of the coffee. Highly recommended!
4/23/2020 9:22:40 AM Report

I was very pleased that I came here to your shop to eat breakfast. The coffee and foods were delicious and OK. Besides, I greatly loved everything in this shop like the waiters/waitresses, place, and foods. Thank you so much to all of you guys because I came to work full of energy and confidence. I will surely come back!
4/22/2020 12:14:56 PM Report

My favorites are the peach Chappucino and the Da-hong-pao Chappucino. I haven't tried other drinks because I'm currently too addicted to these two
4/22/2020 12:08:36 PM Report