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Company description

Venture Mfg. Co. is an ISO 9001:2015 company that has delivered performance-driven linear actuators to its clients, since 1971. Featuring a well-equipped, large manufacturing facility totaling over 45,000 sq. ft. Area, the company can easily handle the low volume, high volume, and customized production efficiently. All design, manufacturing, testing, and shipping of the actuation products is conducted in-house, which helps the company assure the highest quality of motion control devices provided by it.

Actuation Solutions and Other Products Offered by Venture Mfg. Co

Since inception in 1971, the company has built capabilities in linear motion technologies. Its current product offerings in this field include:
• Linear Actuators: The Company manufactures and designs different types of linear actuators in capacities such as 12V, 24V, 36V, 90V and 120V. These include heavy duty linear actuators, high-speed linear actuators, industrial linear actuators, motorized linear actuators, and electromechanical linear actuators. All these actuation systems can be easily customized to meet different industrial requirements.

•Electric Linear Actuators:
Venture Mfg. offers a series of advanced electric linear actuators, which enable easy maneuverability in various industrial equipment and tools. These actuators are available in different capacities such as 12V, 24V, 36V, 90V, and 120 V, and are used in industries that require highly hygienic work conditions such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry, etc.

• ACME Screw and Ball Screw Actuators:
The actuators equipped with ACME screw and ball screw find applications in various industries such as manufacturing, defense and military, and agriculture. The electric ball screw actuators feature sturdy construction, which enables them to accommodate heavy duty loads and withstand abusive working conditions. The company provides 850 Series Ball Screw Actuators, and Maxi Ball Screw Actuators in different specifications. Similarly, the ACME screw actuators are used in a wide range of industries, owing to their different beneficial features, such as lower cost of operation, low operating noise, self-lubrication, prevention of back drives, etc. Some popular ACME screw actuators provided by the company includes 800 Series ACME screw actuators, SJ Series Actuators, VMD Series Actuators for Outdoor and Indoor Use, VI Series Actuators, Maxi ACME Screw Actuators, and various custom actuators.

•RV Slide-Out Actuators:
These actuators assure excellent operational performance, as well as reliable service for many years. Equipped with a DC motor gearbox, and a ball screw, these actuators provide reliable service in the Recreational Vehicle (RV) industry. The Company provides these actuators in three gear ratios: 18:1, 28:1, and 58:1, and in a variety of strokes.

•DC Actuators: These actuators are equipped with a DC power source, and are used in a variety of industrial applications to activate a vast range of secondary mechanisms. Venture’s DC actuators are largely maintenance-free, offer excellent controllability over critical machine operations, and possess excellent energy efficiency.

•Commercial Actuators: These actuators assure enhanced automation and deliver excellent operational value. Some popular commercial actuators provided by the company include VMD3-3Q Series Actuators, VMD10 Series Actuators, VMD12 Series Actuators, VFD Series Actuators, VMD66 Series Actuators, SJ 35 AC Actuators, etc.

•Satellite Actuators: Venture Manufacturing provides linear actuators for satellite applications. These actuators are equipped with healthy hinged joints, which provide exceptional protection from sticking, binding, and wearing out. A few beneficial features include excellent waterproofing, weather-proofing, and hermetical sealing.

•Stepper Motor Actuators: Many of the actuators provided by Venture Mfg. are equipped with stepper motors. These motors offer superior control over applications. A few stepper motor actuators provided by the company includes 850 Series DC actuators, Satellite Maxi Actuators, 800 Series ACME Screw Actuators, and 850 Series Ball Screw Actuators.

•Solar Tracking Actuators: These actuators are designed for the cost-effective solar system actuation. Venture provides various popular solar actuation products such as standard solar ACME actuators, standard solar screwball actuators, heavy duty solar ball screw actuators, and 1200 series linear actuators.

•Military Actuators: The actuators for military applications are made to withstand unfavorable conditions such as high altitudes, high temperatures, sub-zero temperatures, etc. The actuators provided by Venture are designed to control military applications, such as stealth vehicles, combat and control machines, gun laying systems, personnel vehicle carriers, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned, the company also provides the following types of products:

• DC Gear Motors: The Company provides the motors in seven DC gear motor series in standard and custom designs.
• RV Jacks, RV Landing Gears, and Accessories: This category features various types of RV landing gear accessories including RV & 5th wheel landing gear, power tongue jack, and M-9000 motor gearbox, which offers efficient vehicle optimization.
• Custom Cable & Harnesses: Venture provides custom cable and harnesses to its clients in various industries such as electronic equipment manufacturers, automobile industry, industrial machinery, etc.
• Manufactured Housing: This selection features various types of coupler and jack units, heavy and standard duty jacks, and high capacity couplers in custom designs.
• Light Manufacturing Products: These feature several stamping assembly and tube processing products, which are widely used in the metalworking industry.

Service Offerings at Venture Mfg. Co.

Venture Manufacturing provides the following services:

• Prototype Creation: Creating prototypes is beneficial for manufacturers and customers. These prototypes allow both to identify manufacturing defects, and achieve quality products. Venture Mfg. delivers actuator prototypes in less than 3-5 business days to its clients in manufacturing and construction, food processing, mining, recreation vehicles, and medical industries.
• CAD/CAM Design: The Company relies on advanced CAD/CAM technologies during the manufacturing process. These technologies aid the experts at Venture Mfg. to identify various design flaws and manufacturing challenges, manufacturing parts in reduced lead times, and conducting complex machining operations effectively.
• Product Engineering: Over the years, Venture Manufacturing has improved its product engineering capabilities, which enables it to serve the demands of avionics, military, and power generation industry with ease. The production facility is capable of meeting the diverse requirements of prototyping and large production runs.

Warranty Services

All Venture Manufacturing products are backed with a 12-month warranty, which is applicable from the date of purchase.

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