Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems

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283 South Gary Avenue
Carol Stream
IL 60188-2006

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Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems offers Powder Coating Services services in Carol Stream IL, IL area.

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(Tiger)Ray IS A OUTRIGHT THIEF!! This ordeal started in April 2013. When I did a Web search for high performance engine coatings and "Vanilla Gorilla Coatings Systems" popped up. So I dialed the # and (Tiger)Ray answered. I explained to him that I have two supercharger rotors that I wanted to have coated with "Tech-Line Coating's" TLML & TLMB. He explained to me that he has never worked with either of those two coatings. And that he would call "Tech-Line" for the price and the procedure for applying the coatings and that he would get back to me with the info. He calls me back and we agreed on a price of $450.00 plus return shipping to coat both rotors and for the remainder(1qt.each)of the two chemical coatings. Also,that he would pay for shipping the two chemical coatings to me.(I thought,"Hmm...OK,that's cool!") Next,he says "Send me a money order!" "Pack everything up, send it by USPS, put money order and return postage in package and I'll call you when it arrives on my end." Friday March 29,2013 I shipped out the pkg. Tuesday April 2,2013 pkg was delivered. I waited for a few days for his call, call! OK,that's fine. So I call him, no answer! A week passes,no call! So I give him the benefit of the doubt thinking he's on vacation or maybe in the hospital or something. Another week passes with me calling on odd days and leaving messages on his voicemail...NO answer! Hmm,that's strange!(I'm starting to worry!) So I ask a friend(from a different state/area code)to call him while I'm on the other line(3way)...And BOOM!!Guess who answers?..(Tiger)Ray! Alive & well!...AND STILL doing business! He hears my voice and he IMMEDIATELY hangs up! So now he's hiding & screening his calls! Hmm...OK. My suspicions where true! So I ran a tracer on the $450.00 Money Order I sent him and...BAAM!! He deposited it on April 8,2013 with his signature on the back stamped PNC BANK. WHAT A CROOK!! I'm guessing he didn't think his thievery through thoroughly. He must have took me for a fool! Not knowing that I could trace EVERYTHING!! Well,I will use every method available(Social Media/Forums/etc.) To exposed the thievery antics behind Vanilla Gorilla Coating Systems! (Tiger)Ray you've got the wrong one brother! You just stole from an Honest Hard working man!...Watch out for Karma! You KNOW how the saying goes!
6/5/2013 3:30:43 AM Report