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Tuflite Polymers, a pioneer in the industry of manufacturing and supplying building materials, has been offering a wide range of polycarbonate roof materials, flooring materials and advertisement materials since the past 2 decades. With its team of energetic, active, hardworking and passionate people, it has been able to provide polycarbonate sheet varieties and flooring materials to its clients across the globe. Its clients range across various industry types including warehouses, factories, commercial spaces, residences and shopping malls.

Tuflite Polymers have aimed to show the many benefits of polycarbonate roofing sheets. Its major focus has remained on daylight harvesting, which is why it has been able to manufacture the best-in-class multiwall polycarbonate sheet options for those clients who are looking for transparent, durable and weather-tolerant roofs. One of the major products it manufactures in this segment are polycarbonate greenhouse panels.

Their business is not restricted to polycarbonate roofing sheets alone; it goes beyond that to satisfy flooring options too that include solid hardwood, outdoor decking and vinyl floorings. Tuflite Polymers has been providing these high-quality materials to a number of airports, railways, hospitals, educational institutes and other facilities across the globe.

Tuflite Polymers also lends a helping hand to help you reach your goals through advertisements by offering world-class ad materials ranging in adhesive cutting vinyl, printing media, protection film and specialty film.


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